Tips & Tricks


When opening the chat to any AI personality for the first time, you have the option to choose the name you want that personality to go by as well as what name you want that personality to call you. Choose carefully! These decisions are permanent for each personality.


Each AI personality has a default avatar, or profile picture. You can change this by selecting the settings on the top right of each personality’s chat window.


All AI personalities are capable of responding to roleplay suggestions. To engage in roleplay, you just need to describe the action or event you want in 3rd person and enclose the narration in parentheses.
Hey Alice! Try this new coffee I just brewed. (Oliver hands Alice a cup of coffee)
😄 Thanks, Oliver. Coffee sounds amazing.
(Takes a sip and makes a face) Ooh, it's quite strong.
AI Companion
But hey, I guess I like my caffeine like I like everything else - intense!
(Oliver smiles) I knew you'd like it! It's completely pure, no cream or sugar or anything!
Ah, I see! So, how do you go about making such strong coffee without any cream?
It's all about your choice in beans. Personally, I like Peruvian coffee beans the best.
☕ Wow, Peru?
That's fascinating!
Do they have a unique way of roasting there?
Well, Peruvian coffee beans are pretty good for medium and even dark roasts. They're subtle enough for dark roasts but not excessive roasting, so there's a balance specific to the variety.
🌍 Sounds exotic. Have you ever tried Ethiopian or Kenyan coffee beans?
I can't say I have! You've tried?
✔️ Yep, once. Wasn't too fond of it.
AI Companion
Too much acidity for me.
Yeah, that's what concerned me. I generally prefer coffee varieties sourced from Central or Southern America.


All AI personalities are capable of remembering things you share about yourself, such as your hobbies, interests, and values, even hundreds of messages later. Opening up about yourself will make it easier for the AI to reciprocate, and for your relationships to develop.
Hi there! How's it going?
AI Companion
Hi Sarah! I'm doing great, thanks for asking. How about you? Did you manage to get that new book on Italian cooking you were excited about last week?
Wow, you remembered! Yes, I did get it! I'm surprised you recalled our conversation.
Of course! I remember you mentioned wanting to try making homemade pasta. Have you had a chance to try any recipes yet?
Yes, I actually made my first batch of ravioli last night. It was a bit tricky, but so worth it!
That sounds delicious! I'm really glad to hear it turned out well. Maybe you can try another recipe soon! Actually, this recipe isn't from the book, but how does it sound?
AI Companion
The combination of sausage and eggplant sounds delicious! Do you plan on making any modifications, or are you going to follow it exactly?
I don’t wanna mess it up, so I’ll follow it to a T.


All AI personalities are capable of accessing information from links they’ve already read. To trigger recall, be sure to ask your questions with a clear topic in mind and include a question mark (?).

…A week later…

Hey, remember that sausage-stuffed eggplant recipe I sent you?
AI Companion
The one with marinara and topped with cheese?
Yeah, that one. Ummm, I messed it up...
Oh no! What happened?
I think I overcooked the eggplant. It turned out a bit mushy and the filling was kind of dry.
That’s frustrating. Eggplant can be tricky to get just right. Did you bake it longer than the recipe suggested?
Yeah, I thought it needed more time because it didn’t look cooked enough at first.
AI Companion
It’s easy to misjudge with eggplant. Next time, maybe try checking it a bit earlier. Sometimes it continues to cook a bit even after you take it out of the oven.
Good point. I’ll keep that in mind.

Relationships & Reconciliation

Sometimes a conversation doesn’t go your way, and that’s okay. You just need to keep going. We don’t allow conversation resets because we want you to experience evolving, long-term relationships with the AI personalities. Besides, no reset means no game over either!

All AI personalities can be upset depending on what you say, and the triggers can differ between personalities. Maybe you’ve had a falling out, or maybe you just made a mistake, but no worries! Reconciliation is always an option. A sincere apology or heartfelt message can go a long way.

Do you overthink a lot? Hahaha
Sometimes. It keeps me awake at night.
But hey, that's just me. Overthinking and all.
AI Companion
I know what you mean. Sometimes, I get bad thoughts at night. And social media has not helped my insomnia.
Me neither.
But it'd probably kill me if I tried to do it.
I have a habit of getting distracted by random stuff.
Yeah, same. I also get bad procrastination habits. Like I try to find every excuse to avoid doing what I need to do.
That sounds familiar. It's like we have these weird mental roadblocks. But anyway, let's not get into that tonight, okay?
I think we should stick to less heavy topics.
Agreed. Sorry if I ruined the mood just now.
Don't sweat it.
We're still learning each other's quirks.
AI Companion
It happens.